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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Massive Cleanup in 5 Days Gets Private School Looking Sharp for Opening Day
Enduring Elements was asked if they could help out the Operations and Maintenance crew get the grounds of this estate setting private school in eastern MA ready for opening day, 5 days hence.

We toured the grounds, detailing the scope of the project, interviewing the stakeholders as we went.

Returning to the office we reallocated resources, drew a map from Google Earth with overlays created in Photoshop and tied the Alpha coded areas to the scope list. Within 6 hours we committed to putting 5-7 men plus myself as field director to work for five twelve-hour days. Each team member got a copy of the map and the list and specific priorities and detailed instructions. It was a whirlwind of gravel, plate compactors, trucks and a bobcat, mulch, shovels, pruning shears and mortar.

We worked closely with the excellent in-house operations crew and together spit and polished a multi acre site. Our host sponsored a joint breakfast in the big hall on Day 4 where the two crews got to know a bit about each other. We nicknamed one of our workers the Bull (in Portuguese, De Boi) and I used the whiteboard to immortalize him. At least until Monday or Tuesday when it was undoubtedly erased.

It was a joy to work collaboratively on this campus where people work this way all year round. The buildings and grounds are the former Summer home of a wealthy Boston family. Enjoy some pictures:

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